blogThink you have awkward childhood pics? You’ll have to compete with Mandy Moore, whose transformation into a middle-aged woman on This Is Us is nothing compared to her real-life metamorphosis.

In 1994, when The Lion King ruled the theaters, Green Day, Ace of Base (and music in general) ruled MTV, Tom Hanks went on a little Oscar-winning run, we met Ross and Rachel for the first time andHarry Styles and Justin Bieber were in diapers, the actress and singer was 10 years old. And she looked a lot different from what she looks like now.

Moore posted on her Instagram page Friday a throwback photo of herself that is pure ’90s nostalgia perfection. She is pictured opening Christmas presents and holding a travel Clue board game. Moore sports a festive, printed dress and permed strawberry blond hair held up by a large red ribbon—very trendy at the time—as well as a mouth full of now-old-fashioned braces, with red and green rubber bands on her front teeth.

“Red carpet ready,” she wrote. “For some inexplicable reason, my mom let me perm and temporarily color (!) my hair when I was 10. Permed bangs? MOM. Also, I only had those braces for 6 months (should a been longer cause my teeth are NOT straight) but I took full advantage of the colored rubber bands for the holidays.”