Marcos Rojo feels that Manchester United supporters are vehement enough to make opposition teams “appear to shrink a little”.

The Argentinian defender talks passionately about the United fans with some first-hand experience – he sat among the travelling faithful during last season’s win at Liverpool and this term’s draw at Stoke City when Wayne Rooney broke the club’s goalscoring record.

Rojo insists the fans’ backing has a real effect on the pitch and provides inspiration for the players. He told MUTV: “When the team needs to go all out for the win in the last few minutes of a game, or we need to grab a late goal, it’s great for us to feel that support and you can sense that the opponents feel it too.

“When the fans really get going and are passionately driving us forward and cheering at full blast, you get the feeling that as we put the pressure on, the other team just appear to shrink a little in the face of all this. And you can tell that’s happening when you’re out there playing.

“I had the chance to be in the crowd at Liverpool and at Stoke and I really got to feel for myself just what the United supporters live through every week. It was really great to be in there and hear the passion they put into every song they sing and how they chant the players’ names.

“I had the opportunity to be right in among the fans at the ground to experience and see things for myself from a different angle, if you like, and it was a really cool experience.”